Our Buyer Broker Services


The process of buying real estate in Mexico is indeed different than it is in Canada and the United States. That does not mean it has to be difficult or risky. Working exclusively for you, the Buyer, we will insure that your interests are protected and your desires are met.

We believe that each real estate transaction is as unique as each Buyer. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our mission is to provide comprehensive Real Estate solutions for our Buyers with the highest degree of trust, knowledge, respect and convenience. We firmly believe that the Buyer has a right to full and equal representation, just as the Seller receives from an Exclusive Listing Agent. As a Buyer, you should insist on undivided loyalty and the protection of your interests. Increasingly, as consumers grow more knowledgeable about the Real Estate industry, they are demanding the level of service that only an Exclusive Buyer Broker is able to provide.

Whether you are in the market for a second home, an income generating property or land for a future development, we will help you to successfully navigate the sometimes complex processes of Real Estate transactions in Mexico. Acting on your behalf, you can rely on us to perform the following functions:

  • Locate and evaluate properties based on your needs and financial parameters,
  • Visit and photograph appropriate properties, with you or on your behalf.
  • Disclose all research regarding a property’s title, history and liens
  • Negotiate the best price and terms on behalf of the Buyer
  • Keep confidential the Buyer’s financial position and motivations
  • Arrange for structural or other inspections if deemed necessary
  • Explain all forms and contracts
  • Monitor all closing details
  • Promote and protect the Buyer’s interests at all times

***In the event of dual agency, the Buyer is absolutely free to request independent representation and will be provided with a neutral Buyers Agent in our office.

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